Transform Your Backyard with Glass Balustrades

Transform Your Backyard with Glass Balustrades

May 28, 2018
Transform Your Backyard with Glass Balustrades

There are dozens of small decisions that have to be made when adding a pool area to your property, especially when it comes to landscaping and gardening options. All of these little design choices add up to create an attractive look that’s specific to your tastes and preferences. Sometimes, however, you can choose two things you really like during the planning process only to find that they clash. Fortunately, glass balustrades from Melbourne Glass Pool Fencing are a safe, stylish and practical solution that can be used with any style to help transform your backyard.

A Safe Choice

Safety is always a priority when it comes to pool fencing, especially when you have children around. Glass balustrades are sturdy and provide additional safety around a pool to keep unsupervised children out.

Glass is much safer than most people realise. In recent years, it has become sturdier and more versatile than ever before. It no longer shatters easily and can withstand quite a bit of pressure. The close together panels also eliminate the risk of small pets wandering through the barrier, or children attempting to climb over, therefore minimising injuries.

Frame, Frameless and Semi Frameless Options Available

Glass balustrades are available to suit a number of differing tastes. Channel systems are in-ground panels, fitted into a steel channel. These are perfect for pool fencing, as they offer strength and security. Semi frameless systems have similar benefits, but they also maintain the sleek appearance of a frameless glass balustrade. Meanwhile, frameless options combine elegance with durability. These are perfect for pool areas where they can avoid making an area feel closed off.

At Melbourne Glass Pool Fencing, we can provide a wide range of options with various frame styles to choose from.

Advantages Over Other Balustrading Materials

The main advantage glass has over a metal or wire based balustrade is its appearance. Glass allows light in but keeps the wind out. It also adds a sleek and modern finish to any pool area, regardless of other style choices. Due to its transparent nature, it doesn’t clash with colours, plus it can even provide an attractive finish for an older style yard.

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