Semi-frameless with Aluminium Posts Melbourne

Semi-frameless with Aluminium Posts Melbourne

At Melbourne Glass Pool Fencing, we supplies high quality fully borderless and semi-borderless fence panels. With aluminium posts between the glass panels, the glass is attractive with minimal obstruction and safe as it is durable enough to handle a large amount of pressure, making the fence stronger, and susceptible to withstand accidents. Glass pool fencing with aluminium posts is attractive with a modern, contemporary look that adds unique appeal to any setting. The posts are strong and do not degrade, decompose or rust off, thus maintaining the aesthetics of the fence. The fencing is idea for around a swimming pool or to enhance any entertainment or outdoor area and can be directly fitted into the concrete or timber deck without any major changes necessary to the present surroundings.

We offers posts in square and round shapes in different colours that make a remarkable appearance, as well as a statement. We comply and exceed Australian standards for safety. While our safety glass panels are standard sizes of 8 to 10 mm, we offer customized panels, as well as not all customers have the same requirement.

Semi Frameless

Semi frameless is the most popular design in swimming pool fencing. The application is performed in a manner that provides solid construction that will last and in no way hinders the beauty of the fencing or your surroundings. The strongest application is by core drilling the post into concrete and setting off with a non-shrink grout providing a solid base and to ensure longevity. Other applications include a range of flange posts for decks and in ground posts for soil.

The Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is safe and affordable for a glass fence. The tough and heavy Aluminium Posts are strong, heavy and durable and provide enough support so that it doesn’t crack and can handle any amount of pressure making the fence stronger, long lasting and last a decade to withstand accidents.

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We at Melbourne Glass Pool Fencing provide safety for your Pools. We know the needs of our customers and provide to the best of our ability. Quality in fencing does count, especially when it involves the protection of young children and pets. Melbourne Glass Pool Fencing is a leader in semi frameless with aluminum fencing. Our safety glass is of the highest standards and our techniques ensure strength and longevity. Combined with the best tradesmen in the industry, we are a leader in fencing solutions.

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