Pool Fencing Laws & Regulations in Victoria

April 9, 2024
Pool Fencing Laws & Regulations in Victoria

Pool safety is of the utmost importance in Australia, helping to keep children safe around pools. One of the biggest components of pool safety is well-constructed pool fencing that complies with all current laws and regulations. In April 2018, the Victorian government announced new pool fence regulations that will come into effect in December 2019. This blog post takes a look at current laws as well as the new ones that you need to know about.

The Current Rules

The current rules are split into three categories depending on when your pool was constructed: before 8th April 1991, between 8TH April 1991 and 30th April 2010, or after 30th April 2010. Checklists for each category can be downloaded from the Victorian Building Authority website.

There are some rules that apply for all categories, including:

  • If pools (including spas and inflatable pools) have a depth of more than 30cm, they must have a safety barrier
  • Safety barriers must be at least 1.2 meters high
  • Gates to safety barriers / pool fencing must be self-latching and self-closing
  • Gates must never be propped open
  • Climbable items must be moved away from the safety barrier
  • Building permits are required for all new pool, spa and barrier installations

This list only provides a broad overview of current rules. Visit the Victorian Building Authority website to find checklists of all current rules and regulations.

Laws Coming into Effect in December 2019

The new rules will come into effect December this year and will place more importance on pool fencing inspection and compliance. In addition to the establishment of a mandatory register for all household pools and spas in Victoria, a mandatory inspection regime will also be brought in. As part of this inspection regime, pool and spas may be inspected as often as once every 3 years. When a property is sold or leased, a certificate of compliance will also need to be provided for the pool and its pool fencing.

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