Top 5 Reasons to Enhance Your Pool with Elegant Fence in Melbourne

May 21, 2024
Top 5 Reasons to Enhance Your Pool with Elegant Fence in Melbourne

Whether it is an in-ground pool or an over-ground pool, investing in pool fencing is a highly desirable complement for entertainment, safety, and convenience. Pool fencing is the prime concern in Australia, as the reason for around 12% of total drowning deaths is a swimming pool.

Approximately 965 children have lost their lives due to drowning in the pool, and a number of people have long-term or lifetime non-fatal injuries.

Pool fences in Melbourne not only separate the pool from the rest of the backyard or property but also increase resale value, making it Australian government safety guidelines compliant. Along with safety, it adds immense beauty, security, and privacy to the property. Fencing around the pool circumference prevents unwanted trespassing and ensures complete privacy.

Let’s explain 5 strong reasons to invest in pool fencing in Melbourne, Australia, whether installing a pool from the ground up or revamping the existing pool.

Government Safety Regulation Compliant

Pool fencing is not just optional anymore; it is now a mandatory requirement for your property in Melbourne. According to the World Health Organization, drowning is one of the leading causes of unintentional deaths in Australia. Before 2024, a total of 965 children under the age of 5 have lost their lives from drowning in the past 25 years. As per the Statista report, 29 people died due to swimming pool drowning in the financial year 2023.

The Australian government has passed a mandatory law for everyone to install fencing to the swimming pool within their properties. The Australian government has passed a mandatory law for everyone to install fencing to the swimming pool within their properties. According to Australian pool safety standards, pool fences must be at least 1.8m high and have a maximum of 10mm openings.

So, pool fences in Melbourne are a MUST and WORTHY.

Boost Property Value

Demographic potential buyers are always attracted to an ultra-modern-looking pool with fully enclosed safety barriers. So adorning a swimming pool with sleek, elegant, and modern fences, ensuring durable material can be a game changer for your property value.

A well-planned pool fence with an aesthetic and classic design attracts a wider audience. It can be a worthy addition to your property in Melbourne. It limitlessly enhances the beauty of your home or property. However, a well-shaped, compliant pool fence in Melbourne is a compelling selling point and significantly boosts the resale value of your property.

Minimize Drownings and Unfortunate Accidents

When it comes to having fun in a swimming pool, nothing is more important than your children’s, friends, and pets’ safety. Pool fences in Melbourne are one of the most convenient, affordable, and reliable solutions to ensure zero safety breaches. Even though swimming pool fences are not 100% risk-free, it assure an outstanding layer of protection for your loved ones against drownings and accidents.

Nevertheless, the government has passed a mandate for property owners to install a pool fence compliant with the Australian safety guidelines to prevent and minimize drowning as well as unfortunate accidents.

Attractive Discount Pool Liability Insurance

Liability insurance for the pool in Melbourne is designed to cover medication expenses, potential settlement, and legal fees if someone gets injured in or around the pool. It protects the property owner from the financial and legal consequences. Numerous liability insurance companies consider pool fences before approving an insurance claim.

Investing in a pool fence reduces the legal and financial headache, eliminating the safety threats. A Pool fence significantly reduces the insurance premium and enables easy insurance claims against potential hazards the pool presents.

Add Astonishing Aesthetic Style

Well-designed pool fencing tailored to the property owner’s design, decor, and style is an incredible way to give a fascinating and visually appealing touch to the property. Just like other features, picture-perfect pool fencing adds a significant sense of modernity, class, and design to your property.

An enhancing pool fence significantly contributes to the aesthetic of your backyard pool, increasing property value. Be it durable glass pool fencing, classic wooden fencing, or new-age metal fencing, the perfect choice can transform your backyard space into a timeless beauty.

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