Pool Fencing A Wise Investment

Pool Fencing A Wise Investment

May 28, 2018
Pool Fencing A Wise Investment

When the summers hot and the sun’s blazing, the kids will definitely want to get wet in the coolness of the pool. If you’ve got a pool in your yard, then you’re exceptionally close to making their summer as enjoyable as possible. To keep the enjoyment high and prevent your summer as well as your child’s summer from being dampened, you will want to ensure that safety is your top priority when it comes to enjoying time in the pool.

Nothing is more important than your child’s safety around the pool, not the phone ringing, not the meat on the grill burning, not a funny conversation that you’re caught up in, absolutely nothing. It’s easy to get distracted, but when you’re around the pool with your children, you need to ensure that you have your ‘focus hat’ on, and nothing gets out of your line of sight and into your blind spot where they are concerned. This is one of the points that is so often emphasises, but still, needs to be emphasised. Remember, it only takes seconds for an accident to happen, but mending the damage the accident can potentially cause may be impossible. The same is true for public pools. Even if there is a life guard around, you want to ensure that you have a constant eye on your child.

If your home has a pool, investing in pool fencing is a must. You want to prevent your children from slipping into the pool, or sneaking their way in when you’re not around. It’s an extra precaution and one that works very well. However, having a pool fence won’t be beneficial if you don’t actually have it locked when your pool is not in use. Each time, when everyone has cleared the area, you want to ensure that they key is right by you, and that as the last person out, you get things locked up immediately after.

What you should do for your kids:

Enforce the no running around the pool rule. Practice makes perfect and the more you enforce this rule, the more it becomes a habit for your children to walk, rather than run when they’re around the pool, regardless of it being your home pool, a friend’s pool or a public pool.

Wait a while after eating to enter the pool. You won’t want kids swimming too long after a big meal. So once they barbecue has been enjoyed, have your kids take a little down time to energize and get ready for a nice swim after everything has properly digested.

A tired child is not one that belongs in the pool. It may be just after mid-day, and where your child may be one who goes to bed in the late hours of the night, a long day at the pool can be rather exhausting and cause him or her to become tired much faster. If you notice that your child is swimming just for the sake of swimming but is indeed very exhausted, have him or her take a break, get out of the sun, and reenergise inside. If they’re up to it afterward, and their energy has returned, then by all means, allow them to get back in.

There’s a weather for swimming and there’s a weather for staying inside. When lightning bolts are striking down everywhere, it’s time to get inside. From the minute you see the first one, or hear the first thunder, have everyone out of the pool, dried up, and inside.

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