Dreaming of Moving Into a New Home – Problem & Solutions

March 20, 2024
Dreaming of Moving Into a New Home – Problem & Solutions

Buying a new home is something that everybody imagines to be extremely special. From looking at every single room, to the outside, the patio and everything else that belongs to the property, it is somewhat mystical. As young children some people already smart imagining what it is going to be like to purchase the first home. So no wonder, that owning a home is the dream of almost anybody out there. However, what are some of the things that are most frequently imagined to be in the future home? Is it a game room, two living rooms or extremely high ceiling that would allow a medium sized apple tree to grow unfazed inside of the home?

There really is no right or wrong answer to the question as everybody’s opinion of the dream home is shaped by personal experiences and opinions. While some may want a Zen Garden to be the focal point of the property, others prefer living in a condo on the top floor of a thirty story building. That is how different the views of people are and why there is no right or wrong answer to the question what amenities the perfect house should offer. Nevertheless, there is one thing that most dreams will have in common, and that is water. While running water is certainly something nice to have and by now, luckily, standard in all houses, pools are not. When the hottest days of the summer roll around and there is nowhere to cool off, staying outside can quickly become agony. With a pool in sight, however, even the hottest weather becomes bearable and even enjoyable.

The Pool Problem

One of the reasons why some people shy away from having a pool in their backyard is the fact that it may attract bugs and requires quite a bit of work at times. However, between adding chlorine and fishing out leaves and other floating annoyances to take care of. In most cases, a designated pool maintainer comes once a week or even as little as bi-weekly and takes care of the most work, leaving the owners with not much more to do than enjoy the water and cool off when the sun gets too hot.

Besides the aforementioned problems, however, there is another concern that may influence the decision whether a pool should be part of the backyard. It is the question whether it is safe to have a semi-deep body of water around. Pools can not only be a danger to small children, but also to pets and in some cases even adults. When a non-swimmer accidentally falls into the deep end of a pool, he can be in serious danger. Although the side of the pool may only be a few feet away, when panic sets in even an adult can drown in a small pool. The same certainly goes for small children and pets. Small children in particular cannot be left alone around a pool. Since most toddlers and even older small children are extremely nosy and want to know and figure out everything, a swimming pool may just look like the well known bathtub and appear all too inviting. Once a small child has fallen into the pool, it becomes extremely difficult for the kid to pull himself back out.

This doesn’t simply pose a problem for the owners of the house, but also all of the neighbours who have pets that are allowed to roam freely, and visitors who are bringing their small children or pets. That is why many pool owners see difficulties with hosting parties at their home, out of the fear that one of the children attending may fall into the pool and get hurt.

The Pool Solution

While it may seem like an obvious solution to some, others see pool fencing as more of an afterthought than the solution to their pool problem. By adding fencing to the pool area, small children and pets in particular can be kept away and safe from the pool. Since pool fences have childproof locks, no small child will be able to get into the area of the pool without the supervision of at least one adult.

However, some pool owners believe that a heavy metal construct that they build around their pool area hurts the overall design and ambience of their garden. While they may be right about a heavy and bulky metal fence to hurt the look of their garden, there is also a solution to that problem. Glass pool fencing not only does the job of keeping out pets and small children who aren’t allowed to be in the pool area unattended, but they also look extremely well. In fact, glass pool fencing may add a style element to the majority of gardens and shouldn’t be missing on any (dream) property that also has a pool. They allow the hosting of parties and the peace of mind of not only the owners, but also the guests.