Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Fencing

February 28, 2024
Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Fencing

Swimming pool fencing can save the life of young children or pets. Once an accident occurs, it is too late. Melbourne Glass Pool Fencing has compiled this information to help swimming pool owners to choose the best swimming pool fencing for their property.

Swimming pool fencing is important because:

  • Pool safety- that is not just for households with children, it is for all swimming pool owners
  • Drowning accidents in home swimming pools are alarmingly on the rise in Australia

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless glass pool fence does not have visible joints that makes it one of the most popular choices in a swimming pool fencing among homeowners that do not want to obstruct their yard or pool with fencing. The glass panels are seamless and the sides of the panels do not have any metal siding and only the bottom side of the fencing will have steel hinges that attach to the ground.

Glass pool fencing is sophisticated and elegant and offers the safety required to protect your swimming pool from young children and pets. The other nice thing about glass swimming pool fencing is you have the visual of your swimming pool at all times. Homeowners can look out from inside the home and check on their pool at any time. Just as those who are in the pool are not restricted by fencing as they can see the beautiful gardens, etc. while floating in the pool.

The installation of frameless glass fencing requires a special flooring. The construction of the fencing is quite durable with stainless steel frames and hinges at the bottom of the fence, holding the fencing together. The fence can be fitted one of the three ways: button fixed, slot fixed and spigot fixed.

One nice feature of frameless glass fencing is that it is strong. Another nice feature is that it does not require much maintenance, but they will need regular cleaning. Soap and water do a nice job and should be practiced each weekend- something that is not too difficult while you are already enjoying the pool, especially if you have kids that love to help.

Types of Pool Fencing Material

Ornamental Aluminum

Ornamental Aluminum is a popular choice in swimming pool fencing Melbourne because it doesn’t dismiss durability for elegance. The aluminum is powder coated and is often confused with wrought iron fencing that is much heavier and more expensive to use around pools. The fencing panels come in six-foot sections but can be customised and have an individual bottom and top rail and pickets, fastening them together with screws or rivets.

The advantage of aluminum pool fencing is that it is very durable, is attractive and is low maintenance. The disadvantage is that it is not as good for privacy. The fencing is ideal for property owners that want security, as well as low maintenance but the need for privacy is not as high, which for many property owners is ideal for the backyard as it hinders the visual of the landscapes. .Aluminum fencing can also be purchased in a number of colors with the most popular being black.


PVC is also a material used in pool fencing and can be designed with solid slats or spaced pickets or a privacy fence that constructs all the slats together for a solid panel. The advantage of a PVC pool fence is that it is low maintenance, great for privacy, solid and stylish. The disadvantage is that through the years, it will begin to sag, it is a bulkier fencing, the color is white which can hinder the yard, and it is susceptible to mildew growth. .


Wood has long been a favorite building material for many and one that remains popular in swimming pool fencing; although, not as popular as years gone by. Wood offers the advantage of style, size and styles, a fencing that is less expensive than another fencing like PVC or aluminum and it can be painted or stained. It does have extremely strong qualities, but there are disadvantages, as well. The disadvantages include wood is higher maintenance and can twist and warp over time.

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